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Last 10 names for this week!
Dying is your latest fashin anyone? Hailing from Las Vegas Escape The Fate are bringing the emo nostalgia to Ysselsteyn this year!
“Angry songs for sad people” Wargasm UK If you’re not afraid of some heavy guitars, crazy vocals, and thrilling visuals, they will definitely be your cup of tea. The musical project of international model Milkie Way and the praised musician Sam Matlock gathers all the angriness and rage in their music, which always results in highly explosive songs.
Some more ska-punk from sunny Spain: The Locos. Formed in 2005. The Locos were founded as a side project by Pipi, the backup vocalist for Spanish ska-punk group Ska-P.
HC from Boston MA Death Before Dishonor are back and ready to take the stage with in your face hardcore. 2-steps and moshpits… Let’s go!
The Sha-la-lees are a belgian/dutch Proto punk/ Garage rock and roll band with former members of El Guapo Stuntteam, the Sore Losers, the Kik and Powervice.
Way beyond their teens, close to being deaf, backpains and receding hairlines they are still too dumb to quit!
Delinquent Habits (also known as Los Delinquentes and Los Tres Delinquentes) is a hip hop group. Formed in East Los Angeles in 1991, they are known for their Latin-tinged rap, which is both melodic and hardcore. So let’s get groovy!
Born and bred in Ye ol’ Ysselsteyn; Wörtelstemp. They quit in 1998 but they are gonna play one more reunion show at Jera On Air for our 30th anniversary! Support your local heroes!
No need to explain: De Rooie Jager is back in full force at JOA this year! So you know it’s gonna be a party and mayhem!
Internet sensation coming in: Orgel Joke! 73 years old but still full of energy! After playing X-Qlusive (Gelderdome), Zwarte Cross and Dolly Dots (Ziggodome) it’s time Jera On Air!
Saving the best for last: Dutch singer and songwriter George Baker. Paloma Blanca, Little Green Bag and Santa by Night anyone? Witness this living legend live at this year’s festival!
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